The inspiration for the Italian Cowboy Cool Collection came to my mind this past fall when I was living on the Steerhead Ranch, in Buffalo, Wyoming. I spent my time in Wyoming immersing myself in ranch life, learning the craft of artisans in Wyoming, and creating the Spring 2017 Madison McKinley collection. 

Madison McKinley Isner working in her workshop on The Steerhead Ranch.

I lived on the ranch for four months and was able to engage and live the ultimate cowgirl life-style, where one looks at horse-back riding as work not something for leisure. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I was able to learn more about the strength and grit it takes to be a full time rancher. This realization and first hand experience led to my deep admiration and love of cowboy culture. I grew up visiting the family ranch, but never realized what it actually takes to operate and maintain the property.  

Madison McKinley Isner and her horse Comanche.

After seeing the work and craftsmanship that comes with running a ranch,  I knew I wanted a Cowboy theme collection. The ranch and ranch life had become my new lifestyle, so I mixed the aesthetic of the rancher with the other life I lead in Dallas as a city girl. This combination of City-Cowgirl makes the collection very versatile and speaks to so many women. Within the collection, I repurposed vintage jewelry, like Italian Micromosaics and cameos, with modern stones or blacksmith methods that give them a vintage meets modern feel. This also contributes to the cowboy meets city lifestyle that I lead. 

Madison McKinley Isner's sketch book drawings.

While the cowboy culture is something that definitely shapes who I am, I also find a lot of inspiration in other cultures and countries. One of my favorite places to visit is Italy. I love the lifestyle, culture, and history the country has. So many of the designers and craftsmen that I admire (who are cowboys in their own industries) come from the coasts of Italy, so when I came across the Italian Micromosaics and vintage cameos that I mentioned earlier, I knew I needed to include them in my collection.

Madison McKinley micromosaics.

I had so much fun creating this collection for you and I hope you have just as much fun wearing it! 

All the love,


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