MM Cowgirl - Lee Searcy

Our January MM Cowgirl -- Lee Searcy 

Lee Searcy sat down with us to share her story! Lee's determination and drive for her career is remarkable. She is currently the Marketing Director of our favorite boot brand Miron Crosby. Lee is one of the most creative people we know, she recently moved to Dallas after living in New York City for several years. Her eye for design is incredible and inspires us in so many ways. We are thrilled to share her story with you!

1. Tell us about your career

I always knew I wanted to work in fashion. So many people say that, but I really did. Immediately after college, I made the move to NYC without a job. While it was terrifying, I knew it was exactly where I needed to be.

After a few months, I landed a job at Bergdorf Goodman. Working the floor there as a personal shopping assistant taught me that fashion is actually not all roses and Blahniks (no thanks to Carrie Bradshaw). While it was not always glamorous, I learned the importance of hard work and customer service and gained experience in every facet of the industry.

From there, I joined Jaya Apparel Group, where I worked in the marketing department for the brands Cinq à Sept and LIKELY. It was there that I gained my knowledge of the marketing and PR side of fashion and ultimately found my love for brand partnerships, events and the power of social media. I was fortunate to work with an amazing team of hustlers who loved what they were doing, and it showed in our work every day. Jaya was my family in the city, and I am so lucky to have learned from the incredible humans there.

After four years in NYC, I was ready to make the move back to the great state of Texas. I wanted to stay in fashion… but make it Texas, right? ;). Queue Miron Crosby – the holy grail of luxury bespoke cowboy boots. I am currently the marketing director of the brand, which is located in Dallas. Since joining in 2019, I've been able to combine all my experiences from New York into one. It has been such a dream! The team at MC is small, but SO hardworking and talented. I feel extremely grateful to be learning from boss babe founders Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means.


2. Tell us about your choice to pave your own path in the industry

I paved my own path in the industry by always doing what felt right in my gut. I try to stick to what feels like me and try not to be overly influenced by those around me. Once I make up my mind about something, there’s pretty much no turning back. I went to college in Kansas while most of my high school friends stayed in Texas. I moved to the city with no job, which was really scary at the time. I fully believe that doing things outside of your comfort zone are the things that allow you to grow the most as a person.


3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Right now I am working (key word is working) on living in the moment. There are a lot of unknowns in my life and I kind of love the fact that I have NO IDEA where the next 10 years will take me. Stay tuned…


4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Trust your gut. It will always point you in the right direction.  


5. What advice can you give to other working women?

No one is going to do it for you. If you want something, ask for it. If you are unhappy in your current situation, make a change. You have the power to get what you want and do amazing things. Don’t get in your own way!

Always be kind.

Go the extra mile – especially when you are just starting out. You would be surprised what a smile and “yes attitude” can do for your career.


6. Tell us why you love fashion/arts and a little bit about your style

I love fashion because it is an extension of our personalities. I don’t believe in rules. If I like it, I am going to wear it. I don’t dress for other people. I dress for myself. I love the juxtaposition of mixing feminine, flowy dresses and skirts with a masculine boot. I am a BIG shoe girl. My current obsession (obviously!) is Miron Crosby. People have a misconception that cowboy boots can only be worn to the rodeo or a tailgate at a football game. Throw them on any day of the week (just like you would your favorite Madison McKinley piece) and they will quickly become part of your uniform.


7. What is your favorite MMD jewelry?

I wear the Biddy Bracelet every single day. It is so dainty and goes with everything! I also love layering the Smith Necklace with the Bolo Necklace. All of the pieces go so well with each other and are super easy to style!


8. Favorite way to style MMD?

I love wearing my Madison McKinley pieces with a white tee, a great pair of jeans and boots. Her pieces complete any outfit I throw on. There are some styles that I wear every day (Biddy Bracelet and the Dare Necklace) and others that I can throw on to give my outfit that extra something (Susan Earrings and Bolo Tie necklace). I am currently crushing on the Louisa Shell Earrings. Major heart eyes!!


9. What is your favorite vacation spot

 I love going to Scottsdale, AZ and unplugging!


10. Go-to everyday outfit

A flowy dress or skirt with a sweatshirt and my Miron Crosby boots, of course


11. Are you a wranglers or Levi’s girl?

 Wranglers for boys and Levi’s for me. ;)


12. What is in your travel jewelry bag? 

For the most part, when I travel I keep it pretty simple. You can always find the MMD Smith Necklace in my travel bag. It is the perfect piece to travel with and throw on – it goes with everything!


13. Go-to lip balm?

I’m an aquaphor girl for life.


14. If you had a horse what would you name it?

Velvet Elvis— I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Kacey Musgraves.


15. Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Not sure how fun this makes me, but everyone that knows me knows that I cannot and will not eat any seafood! I can thank my mom for that trait! 



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