What are your favorite pieces from the Spring 2018 Collection?

I can't pick only one, so I will pick three! My favorites are Sundance and Mini-Sundance necklaces with all the colorful jewels. Like many of Madison's pieces, they can make a simple t-shirt and jeans look perfectly put-together and effortlessly stylish. These are also great because you can layer them with other necklaces, like one of Madison's simple gold chains.

I also am in love with the Dorothy Earrings — the gold hoop earrings with the pearl. The pearl is gorgeous and it makes the earring more delicate and different from your classic gold hoop. And during our shoot, I realized the versatility of these earrings. The pearl is detachable, so the earring can be your go-to gold hoop or a beautiful earring with the pearl. It's like having two earrings in one. I'm a fan!

Tell us about your career and why you are passionate about it.

Ever since I was little, I always enjoyed creating and crafting things. So I began photography as a hobby as it allowed me to create something. So initially, photography was a creative outlet for myself. But as I've gown my business, I've realized that it's also a way for me to meet new people and connect with people in a new way.

How did you get involved in your current job?

Not until recently did I decide to pursue photography full-time. It began as a hobby shooting landscape photography, mostly beach photos when I was home and random city landscapes when I was traveling for tennis. I started my own photography Instagram, where I met a lot of people and new clients, which led me to start my own business and follow my passion. But as a self-taught photographer who studied business and marketing in college and in grad school, there's still a lot to learn!

What was your favorite part about the SS18 Madison McKinley shoot?

I loved seeing Madison style Abby (our wonderful model!) and the attention to detail she had for every outfit, hat, and jewelry option that she picked. It amazes me how Madison puts together outfits and pairs them perfectly with her jewelry. She has a clear vision of her brand and most importantly, she empowers the people she works with, which makes for a really fun shoot!

Who is your biggest influence in life?

My parents are my biggest influence. The love they show their children and the love they share is an amazing thing. I have always looked up to them and they have always shown me the importance of family and good friends.

How do you handle being on the road and working?

When your partner is a professional tennis player, being able to work and travel is difficult to do. So I looked for a job that I could do while on the road and something that I loved to do. Photography allowed for both. No matter what country or timezone we may be in, I can set up shoots with clients or just explore the city with my camera. It's tough at times, but I'm happy I can travel and support Steve, while working and doing something that I love.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to be a professional basketball player. My mom made me a Cheryl Swoops jersey out of felt for Halloween because there weren't any WNBA Houston Comets jerseys in Los Angeles haha.

What are your favorite products to have on the road?

I love the Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment. It moisturizes, tints and has sunscreen. Also, Kai Body Lotion is heaven in a bottle and the gardenia scent reminds me of home.

What are your favorite face products?

Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer - Oil Free is my go-to. It's light on your skin but provides a certain amount of coverage and it has SPF in it too!

What camera do you use and what is your favorite thing about taking pictures?

I currently use a Canon 6D. I believe that anyone who wants to take pictures and has a passion for photography can be a photographer. I agree with the idea that the more you shoot, the better you become. No matter if you're shooting on a $100 camera or a $10,000 camera, you can always improve your skills and create your own style.

What do you never leave at home without?

I LOVE podcasts, so I would have to say my phone. My favorite ones are Oprah's Super Soul Conversations and TED Radio Hour. And if you haven't listened to Serial Season 1, go do so now!

What inspires you most about your career?

I love that there is always more to experience and more to learn. There are constantly new techniques to learn, new places to shoot and new people to meet. This sense of opportunity motivates me every day.

How did you meet Madison?

I met Madison at a tennis tournament about 6 years ago, probably in the lobby of a hotel or in a packed player lounge. Ever since we met, she's been kind and warm and I'm really thankful for that! She's become a great friend and I'm so happy that the crazy world of tennis introduced us. Her passion for her company and products is really inspiring.
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